e-Golf driving on a road in the countryside

The technology of the future up close: electro-mobility put to the test.

The technology of the future up close: electro-mobility put to the test.

What are the actual advantages of electro-mobility? What exactly is it that fascinates people? Is it the low-noise driving, free of local emissions? We were curious and asked a range of different people whether they would like to test drive a hybrid or e-model for a while. We accompanied them and discovered a lot about the day-to-day practicality of e-mobility.

The e-up! – A big number in space and performance.

Claire Ewert was impressed with her e-up! from the outset. The commercial clerk was positively surprised by the runabout’s lively performance. The 32-year-old uses the e-up! every day – whether personally for shopping and in her free time or professionally for delivery work. She uses the e-up! to deliver metal packaging to customers. That´s why it is especially important that her e-up! combines quick acceleration with plenty of space in the luggage compartment for her deliveries. For her, the e-up! is simply the greatest and her friends agree completely: “I constantly have to go and visit someone and show them the car. Everyone wants to get in right away and drive it. The driving feeling is simply unbelievable. You immediately feel at home in the e-up!”

Claire Ewert and her e-up!

Everything within range.  

For the commuter, Michel Kreppold, electro-mobility is important. The 39-year-old travels 120 km to work and back every day – easily and comfortably with his e-Golf. Not only does the electric car have a comfortable range but it can also be easily charged on the way to work. The e-vehicle is an excellent investment for the family given that they travel so much for work and during their free time on the weekends. Michel Kreppold has discovered that the e-Golf is ideal for the entire family – and offers the familiar comfort of a Golf: “The e-Golf is a fantastic family car and perfect for a small family. Electro-mobility is important to me because it is the future.”

Michel Kreppold shows just how easy commuting is with his e-Golf

Recharge at home and enjoy the independence.

The Kavemann family lives the idea of electro-mobility to the fullest. They produce electricity with their own photovoltaic system and use this to charge their e-up! with the wall box in their own home. 50-year old Ingo Kavemann had one priority above all when purchasing a photovoltaic system: to be able to autonomously generate electricity and recharge the e-up! himself. This provides him and his family with independence that they never want to go without again. At the same time, they also contribute to promoting alternative energies.

From the quiet and relaxed driving experience to environmental friendliness – the entire family is enthusiastic about their comfortable, quiet runabout. Above all, their son, Luca, thinks the e-up! is “super cool”.

Family Kavemann tell how they produce their own electricity for their e-up!

A company car with an environmental bonus.  

A hybrid or electric car as a company vehicle? Dr. Alfons Roerkohl can definitely imagine using further hybrid or electric models as company vehicles for his employees. His colleagues already all enthusiastically drive the Passat GTE. In addition to the almost silent driving, they particularly value the spaciousness of the hybrid vehicle. However, the managing director’s main argument for purchasing further hybrid company vehicles is reducing environmental pollution. Along with the freedom to choose the drive system: “With a hybrid vehicle you can decide whether to drive with the electric or the petrol engine.”

With a hybrid as his company car Dr. Roerkohl is reducing environmental pollution

The e-Golf with its own charging station. Live on the road.  

The breakdown assistant, Alexander Weber, and his wife drive an e-Golf. The thing they enjoy most about their electric vehicle is that they can conveniently charge it overnight at home with their wall box and start the next day without any delays. There is also another major factor: “The last thing I expected was that the electricity costs are so low.”

Alexander Weber's main arguments for his e-Golf? Comfortable charging at home and reduced costs

The e-Golf also impresses the Weber family with its amazingly quiet ride. They love almost silently gliding along the road as it feels almost like flying. On the whole, the Weber family is impressed with the vehicle. With the e-Golf, they have found their ideal family car. One that gives them a good and secure feeling.

The e-up! makes any city its playground thanks to its intelligent, practical solutions and electric drive which produces zero local emissions. Find out what the e‑up! can do and why it can meet any challenge.

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