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Totally electric!

Totally electric!

Alexandre Marie in Paris.

Alexandre Marie is an open, friendly person. Driving his e-up! around 130 kilometres each day on his commute, the Frenchman always finds himself talking to others about it. They’re mainly interested in finding out what driving an electric car is really like. To which he replies: “try it, it's worth it”.

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ALEXANDRE MARIE, 40, commutes 130 kilometres to work and back each day. He has made incredible financial savings since converting to the e-up! and now makes all of his day-to-day journeys with his new electric car.

Alexandre Marie
“For me, the change was mainly a matter of cost.” Alexandre Marie

Curiosity is a great driver.

Alexandre has always been curious. He loves discovering and exploring new things. And as he has to commute from his home in Montigny-le-Bretonneux in the southwest of Paris every day for his job as a system administrator, having an economical car is very important to him. He covers around 130 kilometres a day, or some 35,000 kilometres per year. Now that Alexandre has converted to an electric car, he pays far less to fill up his little black number than he previously did for his petrol car. And he has no concerns about the battery running out either, as he can charge his e-up! via a wall box at home or in his workplace’s car park.

An electric car powers communication.

For the Frenchman, the electric car has another fantastic benefit. The e-up! is a real conversation starter. He’s not only always talking to other people about why he enjoys driving an electric car, he can also easily talk to his wife during the journey. On the roads, though, it is much quieter. In fact, electric cars are often so silent that pedestrians don’t hear the engine. For this reason, Alexandre sometimes stops to explain to them why his runabout is so quiet. For the Parisian, there are a few exceptional cases when he prefers to take a petrol car. Well one, in fact – when he has to travel a longer distance. Like when he goes to visit his parents 900 kilometres away in the Pyrenees.


Alexandre Marie is sitting in a café, his e-up! is parked next to him
“I often end up talking to other people about electric mobility.”
Paris skyline with the Eiffeltower

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